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Bug#865269: cloud.debian.org: Please provide an official contrib-stretch64 vagrant base box

On 16/08/17 at 18:45 +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Remaining action items are:
> - fix the cleanup in the script that installs the guest additions

I've done that, and pushed my code to master.

Emmanuel, at this point, I think that the contrib-stretch image could be
uploaded (so that this bug could be closed).

I still plan to continue working on this (working on generating the
images using FAI, add CI, etc.) but this is likely to take some time,
and I'd rather have this image uploaded.

Currently the image generation process hardcodes the version of
virtualbox-guest-dkms from unstable. It would be better if virtualbox
was backported to stretch-backports, and if we used that version. I've
opened #873101 to discuss that. But again, no need to wait IMHO.


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