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AWS EC2: 8.6+1 images, plus ENA driver support

Hello all,

Just getting my head above water after the last sprint (and subsequent
catch up at work).... one of the issues present was a refresh for the
EC2 images taking in the latest kernel packages addressing the Dirty Cow
bug, also known as CVE-2016-5195. Its important that our booting kernels
are up to date, as for many instance,s they never actually reboot - they
just get terminated and replaced from their initial AIM.

Martin and I also worked on an additional small feature: adding support
for the Elastic Network Adaptor, ENA, as found on the larger EC2
instances such as the P2, X1 instance families and m4.16xlarge
instances. More info on ENA is here:

Here is a list of AMIs worldwide at this stage which we have dubbed
"8.6+1" on EC2:

|| '''Region'''  || '''hvm x86_64 ebs''' ||
|| ap-northeast-1 || ami-50ed4631 ||
|| ap-northeast-2 || ami-8e6abee0 ||
|| ap-south-1 || ami-c5e490aa ||
|| ap-southeast-1 || ami-0e6dce6d ||
|| ap-southeast-2 || ami-9cc6f9ff ||
|| eu-central-1 || ami-cc8441a3 ||
|| eu-west-1 || ami-7d45150e ||
|| sa-east-1 || ami-3b41de57 ||
|| us-east-1 || ami-49e5cb5e ||
|| us-east-2 || ami-0e79236b ||
|| us-west-1 || ami-db6c39bb ||
|| us-west-2 || ami-8f7bd9ef ||

These AMIs and their corresponding EBS Snapshots are all marked as
"public" (accessible to all AWS customers). If you have any issues with
the images please let us know. I'll push this to the AWS Marketplace
team this coming weekend.  This list is also published to the wiki at

In producing these images, we ported bootstrap-vz to use Boto3, as boto
2.x does not have support for the API call to create an image with the
ENA feature flag set (see https://github.com/vorlock/bootstrap-vz).
However, longer term (in the Stretch timeline) we'll be looking at FAI
to generate images outside of EC2, signing the raw disk image digests
(and their logs of their creation) and pushing them into EC2.

Thanks to all who managed to attend in Seattle. We also closed out a
number of bugs, and look to make Debian even more useful across cloud

Thanks also to Eric Evans who updated the Boto libraries in the last few
days, and Ben Hutchings who is including the ENA driver in the main
Debian kernel and wont require out of tree dkms builds from Stretch

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