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Re: vmdebootstrap plans

My point was not about shell in particular, but about that every
programming language could provide the same functionality without the
need of YAML and Jinja2 in this example. For me, here YAML is just an
overhead for calling function with some parameters, and it does not
add any kind of abstraction that helps me. Is there a scripting
language, which provides data types and other thing we would like to
have, but does not have the object-oriented overhead like python or
forbids to write ugly unreadable code like Perl? Is a DSL the only
solution for this?

In FAI, the config file for disk partitioning looks like an enhanced
fstab file, which gives me an abstraction of parted, mkfs, lvm, mdadm
and mount calls, but is much easier to read and edit than YAML. It was
hard work to write the parser for this (and this may still be not the
best code), but my priority was to give a simple config file to the
I do not see that kind of gain in the YAML example you gave which
can easily mapped to calls to very simple functions. But maybe
extending the YAML schema could improve this abstraction.

</end of YAML rant>

regards Thomas

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