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Re: vmdebootstrap plans

On 2016-11-13 20:58:02, Thomas Lange wrote:
> Hi Lars,
> I'm really wondering why you want to use YAML for this?

I can talk just for my self but my pros would be: cleanliness, machine
parcebility, human redeability, neat python integration, simple templating
integration (jinja2) with programming languages. So I suppose Lars
would agree with those and possibly add something else.

> Your examples
> look like things you could easily implement in shell, if you provide
> some functions, subroutines or external programs that implement your
> steps. Then your DSL would just be a shell script that the user has to
> write.
> create_raw_file $size $image
> create_partition_table msdos
> create_partition $bootsize ext2 /boot bootable
> create_partition rest ext4 /
> mount_all

Above doesn't look so neat to me like well structured schema based yaml.

> and so on.
>     >   The "step:" key specifies the step to execute. The other keys are
>     >   parameters for the step. The {{...}} parts are where Jinja2 is used
>     >   to expand variable values.
> These things are very similar to calling commands with parameters in a
> shell script without the need of YAML and Jinja2.

Yes, but IMO yaml and jinja2 allow for creating very simple and nice
integration and extending capabilities with minimal effort.

> Much easier and more common for sysadmins IMO.

I can agree that this may be the case for some people but it's hard to deny
that there are restrictions on bash which can't be overcome due to bash nature
and which does not exist in python as this is fully blown programming language.

And yes I know Thomas your approach to object orientated programming :-)

What Lars is proposing I see as a very reasonable thing to do. Providing well design
and maintained tool with easy extensibility and a way to accommodate eventual
future requirements.

IMO what Lars is trying to achieve is much easier to do in python then in bash
and with properly abstracted logic there should be no need to anybody using
this tool to even know python (what for me is a bit odd for sysadmins) to create
images with vmdb.
Knowledge of available options and basics of yaml would suffice and I think
this is even lower threshold for entry level then knowing bash.

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