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Re: Build chain for centos7 boxes (oz. imagefactory)

On 20/10/16 22:08, Emmanuel Kasper wrote:
So it looks oz is not up to the task for the job it would need serious
work, so I am going to stick with packer ( or maybe virt-install ) for
the momment.

Yes, that makes sense. You could use virt-install to produce a KVM image, and eventually adopt just the image conversion routines from Image Factory, without needing root privileges.

I also found out this week it's trivial to create a debian image using
virt-install from the libvirt folks with a preseed file. Works in text
mode, don't require an ISO, as non root.

I'm also using Packer to create local CentOS images, it's faster than Image Factory despite CBS running on hardware several times faster than what I have. That's not an option for the official images due to build reproducibility and interacting with Koji - unfortunately.

Sorry for taking so long to answer, lots of things going on lately.

Best regards,

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