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Re: Build chain for centos7 boxes (oz. imagefactory)

Le 10/10/2016 à 17:50, Laurentiu Pancescu a écrit :
> On 07/10/16 13:15, Emmanuel K wrote:
>> Ok if I understand you right you start a virt-install command with a
>> kickstarter file ( equivalent of a debian preseed for Debian ).
>> Then you from the raw/ qcow2 disk image, imagefactory creates the extra
>> VM configuration like *.ovf description and upload to the target cloud.
>> Am I missing something ?
> This is basically it, except that Image Factory does everything itself:
> it will install the OS based on the template file you give it, convert
> the image (mostly with qemu-img) and generate the additional files like
> metadata, for formats that require it.  It also handles uploading the
> generated images to some cloud providers.

I tried to install imagefactory from source to have a look but I didn't
get it to work,
( after sudo python ./setup.py build install
I get
    from imgfac.Version import VERSION as VERSION
ImportError: No module named Version
Also the rpm repo from the imagefactory website is missing.

but I got the details I was looking for:


Oz creates a KVM image, does a Just Enough OS (JEOS) install of the
operating system, and provides a means to adding additional packages to
and/or running customization scripts on the OS installed in this image.

ImageFactory creates a base image and then performs the necessary
transformations on the image file itself to allow it to be used on any
number of clouds (RHEV-M, vSphere, EC2, etc). ImageFactory can then push
this image up to a cloud provider/region so that it can be used for

All of this look interesting, as using these tools would spare me the
custom writing of cloud format converts for OVF. Seems oz is already
packaged in Debian and has Debian too ( via calling the debian-installer
on a disk image I suppose)

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