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Re: Comments on live-build, vmdebootstrap, bootstrap-vz, and live-wrapper

On 22/08/16 18:49, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> On 08/19/2016 03:02 AM, Adam Bolte wrote:
>> I continue to use and maintain debian-image-builder (over at
>> https://github.com/sitepoint/debian-image-builder) which is somewhat
>> similar in many respects. Also written in Bash (and uses debootstrap),
> openstack-debian-images uses ISO shell (ie: it's compatible with dash),
> and doesn't include bashism.

That's fair enough. I've never had that as a goal, and do deliberately
make use of some of the Bashisms.

>> but easy enough to follow and extend. It primarily targets AWS, but
>> theoretically supports GCE too (which I haven't used in ages but
>> nobody reported bugs against) and should be straightforward to support
>> other targets.
> Oh, that's nice. I'd love to add AWS & GCE support to
> openstack-debian-images, so that we have all of our targets covered.
> Instead of a huge (pointless) debate about features and such, I'd very
> much prefer if you helped me to do that. Do you have time for it?

I might look over what is required to add AWS support in the near future
(I don't have a lot of free time right now, but AWS support is what I
would have the most use for). I do really like that
openstack-debian-images is packaged for Debian and maintained by a
Debian developer already. :)

> I just had a quick look. Your tool looks very cleanly written.
> It is harder to read the script in once since it has lots of small
> files. I prefer a single flat file with conditionals.

No worries. I feel that the multiple file approach is easier to look at
at a glance, and get a quick feel for how the application would behave.
Having said that, I am also really impressed with how you have managed
to fit so much into such a concise script yet keep it very readable.

> Also, apt-get
> install during the script is a no-go, and should be replaced by runtime
> Depends: in a package, but that's easily fixed.

I fully agree with this, particularly since your project is already

> Would you like to help me push this into openstack-debian-images?

Cool. I'll be a bit busy over the next few weeks, but I should have more
free time after that. Although I've just skimmed the
openstack-debian-images script again and it might not take as long as I
had suspected. Then again, the long part is usually all the testing.

If I come up with something that looks good enough to consider (for AWS
support), I'll let you know. But don't wait up!


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