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Re: Timeline for official Debian cloud images for the Stretch release

On Wed, Mar 30 2016, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> Manoj wrote:
>>On Tue, Mar 29 2016, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>> And, to make it more explicit, we're also happy/willing/wanting to get
>>> more people involved in the production of the images that we
>>> ship. Again, the "CD" team name is a really bad one by now!
>>        Raises hand.
> Woot, thanks!
> One thing *I* would love to see is a clear guide to the different
> cloud images that we could/should be providing, with details for each
> like:
>  * which provider(s) they cover
>  * what tools are used to make the images
>  * what packages are needed beyond a basic "standard" debootstrap
>  * any special processing needed for publishing etc.
> I'm naively hoping that this kind of doc is already available and I
> just haven't found it, but more realistically I'm expecting not... :-)

        This seems to be something that might belong on the
 Wiki. Looking, I see we have some of this information:

  + https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud This is an overview of tools to
    interact with cloud services, and a section on building Debian cloud
    images, and a nice where to find more informatio section
  + https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DPL/OfficialImages The page above
    links here, which is the requirements document for official debian
  + https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud/Images_requirements is a placeholder
    for what distinguishes a cloud image from a regular debian
  + https://wiki.debian.org/Testing%20Debian%20Cloud%20Images A place
    holder for testing cloud images

        I think the section on "Building Debian cloud images" on the top
 level https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud could link to a new Official debian
 cloud images page, which contains the information above.

        I can try and gather all the information in this thread and
 create a draft version of that page, and we can add more information as
 we go along. It should show up as WIKI.D.O/Cloud/OfficialImages

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