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Re: Timeline for official Debian cloud images for the Stretch release

Hi Charles,

all teams are well within their delegations. If the DPL had felt that
to not be the case, I am sure he would have updated them accordingly
or created a new one.

Our main concern is that we need a way to protect our users from
unexpected behavior in a somewhat automated and scalable manner, and
keep those results and their records out in the open.

Your main concern seems to be that you will be forced to conform to an
arbitrary rule-set enforced top-down. Personally, I don't see this
risk as the whole process was driven by consensus and empowerment (I
would lie if I said I am excited and having fun when talking about
policy) up to now.

As a specific proposal in light of your concern, might I suggest you
simply join the discussion about the test set?


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