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Re: Timeline for official Debian cloud images for the Stretch release

Antonio Terceiro wrote:
>The people who do the work of building official release images at
>release time _is_ the "CD" team, so those who want to have images for
>their pet cloud providers built together with the other official images
>at release time and distributed through the regular Debian channels will
>then have to submit code to the Debian CD team, in a form that they
>accept. AIUI the "format that they accept" will still be debated, but
>will surely include the concerns from the people who take care of the
>Debian trademark.

And, to make it more explicit, we're also happy/willing/wanting to get
more people involved in the production of the images that we
ship. Again, the "CD" team name is a really bad one by now!

>Those who just want to build images themselves and distribute them at
>random places can just continue to do what they are already doing. And
>here lies the most difficult issue, which is how exactly those can be
>presented as "Debian". Clearly they cannot be called "Official Debian
>images", but they probably shouldn't be called "not Debian" either.

Quite, and this is part of the discussion the trademark team want to

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