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Re: AWS EC2: Jessie 8.2 image for testing

On 31/01/2016 1:32 AM, Tiago Ilieve wrote:
About the growpart issue that we talked about, I proposed a
backport[1] for "cloud-utils" on #784004. I don't know if it will be
accepted (and I do remember that you don't like to rely on fixes from
backports, that's why I didn't asked you to sponsor it), but this may
be the only solution at the moment, for something that have been
annoying us for quite a few months.

To me using backports to Jessie is acceptable; 2 years ago we had to use backports then to get started, so I think that as this hits backports, we should have a fix. I noted from another of your emails... (below)

I've also noted that this backport alone wouldn't solve the problem
with this AMI, because it is partitioned with GPT. In this case, we'll
need the command "gsdisk" from the package "gdisk".

Yep - thats awesome. As soon as we have this in backports, then I'll build with GPT disks, gsdisk.  I think after we've been via backports we can possibly recommend it to include in a point release.

Thanks Tiago.

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