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Re: bootstrap-vz configs for vanilla debian boxes: initial commit

Hi Jan

Le 16/06/2015 00:04, Jan Niggemann a écrit :>
> Zitat von emmanuel@libera.cc:
>> Looking forward to git pull. Did you push your work on Alioth ?
> Yep: https://alioth.debian.org/scm/browser.php?group_id=100865


It seems you pushed into the git repo used to manage the team's website
on Alioth.
Shouldn't we used the debian-vm-templates repo that Marcin created for us ?

I am working through the ways of getting auth tokens for the debian
organization  in Atlas at the momment.

This should be useful for all kind of base boxes, and would allow us to
upload from the command line via curl or packer, no matter which tool we
use to build the base boxes.
Uploading a 400MB file via a web gui is not that reliable :/


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