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Re: Git repo for debian VM templates

On 2015-04-30 16:47:58, Emmanuel Kasper wrote:
> Hi all


> > Do you have alioth accounts? If you do pls apply for debian-cloud project
> > membership on alioth. Once you're set as members I can set up repo for you.
> I see you've done this. Thanks !
> It seems I can't commit though, the scm_cloud group does not have write
> permissions to the debian-vm-templates.git directory

Looks like I messed up permissions on the repo, pls try in now.

> >> At the moment we agree Jan would provide official vagrant base boxes of
> >> oldstable and stable created with bootstrap-vz, and I will provide
> >> unofficial base boxes of testing created with Packer.
> > 
> > Is there a plan for standardising on one of the tools?
> Most probably bootstrap-vz in the short future, with packer for
> experimentation/fallback.

Thx for the info.

> > 500MB is quite large 
> > btw I see that vagrant provider you're using is virtualbox, any plans for
> > having other providers as well, like docker, lxc or kvm?I see 
> I see ubuntu 14.04 Vagrant base boxes, are 360MB, so we have some room
> for improvement. On the other hand, the boxes should have the tasksel
> standard packages, it's not fun to discover after your first vagrant ssh
> login that 'less' or 'ip' are not there ( the ubuntu boxes also have
> this packages and have been downloaded already 2 millions times ...)

We shouldn't look on how many times ubuntu img has been downloading but how to
make debian img better and 500M is a significant amount to download. I'm not
saying it's wrong that just maybe it can be trimmed slightly.

> As for docker, lxc, kvm, for sure we want to have them ! But note that
> without plugins vagrant has only support for docker among those.

Correct and I think that docker plus kvm should be enough in most cases.


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