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Re: Git repo for debian VM templates

Hi all

Le 30/04/2015 10:18, Marcin Kulisz a écrit :
> On 2015-04-29 14:55:48, Emmanuel Kasper wrote:
>> Hi List
> Hello,
>> I exchanged some mails mit Jan on the topic of Official vagrant base
>> boxes, and we came to the conclusion it would be nice to have our
>> manifests and templates in a git repo on Alioth.
>> I have see debian-cloud has a couple of git repos, and if you guys don't
>> disagreee I will ask the alioth admins to create
>> a debian-vm-templates.git repo in the debian-cloud directory.
> Do you have alioth accounts? If you do pls apply for debian-cloud project
> membership on alioth. Once you're set as members I can set up repo for you.

I see you've done this. Thanks !

It seems I can't commit though, the scm_cloud group does not have write
permissions to the debian-vm-templates.git directory

>> At the moment we agree Jan would provide official vagrant base boxes of
>> oldstable and stable created with bootstrap-vz, and I will provide
>> unofficial base boxes of testing created with Packer.
> Is there a plan for standardising on one of the tools?

Most probably bootstrap-vz in the short future, with packer for

> 500MB is quite large 
> btw I see that vagrant provider you're using is virtualbox, any plans for
> having other providers as well, like docker, lxc or kvm?I see 

I see ubuntu 14.04 Vagrant base boxes, are 360MB, so we have some room
for improvement. On the other hand, the boxes should have the tasksel
standard packages, it's not fun to discover after your first vagrant ssh
login that 'less' or 'ip' are not there ( the ubuntu boxes also have
this packages and have been downloaded already 2 millions times ...)

As for docker, lxc, kvm, for sure we want to have them ! But note that
without plugins vagrant has only support for docker among those.

@jan: you create an account on alioth, and ask to join the project^W fun on


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