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Re: building (official) debian images for atlas (formerly vagrantcloud)

Tiago, Anders, Olivier

Thank you for your feedback!

Zitat von Tiago Ilieve <tiago.myhro@gmail.com>:

- As this is a box that's intended to be shared with the world, would
be nice if it had "http://http.debian.net/debian/"; as its default

- The root partition could be a bit more generous than 2GiB, as the
virtual disk will grow with usage. That's not a rule, but I've seen
some Vagrant boxes using 40-80GiB for this.
I guess it depends on what your do with the VM afterwards...
Wouldn't 20GiB be sufficient? Anyway, I set it to 5GiB for further testing.
What do others say about this?

- Do you really think that the `01_nodoc` script is needed? I would
understand if that was an image meant to be used in a non-interactive
environment, but that's not the most common use case for Vagrant.
- Somewhat related to the last one, but maybe the packages' option
"install_standard"[1] could be used to make the box a little bit more
I agree that having a box close to a vanilla debian is more important than the final box size.
Set install_standard: true and removed the nodoc script.

Also, do you mind putting this manifest on a Git (possible GitHub)
repository? This will make easier to look at its current state and
change history, propose changes, etc.
As proposed by Anders, we'd best put it in some official manifest folder in bootstrap-vz. Once this has reached a usable beta status, I'll send him a patch to include the files.

Meanwhile, I put them up here:

As to the documentation Olivier alluded to:
What should it comprise and what format would be preferred?

I uploaded 2 new boxes to test:
http://files.hz6.de/debian-wheezy-amd64-150422.box (216MB)
http://files.hz6.de/debian-wheezy-i386-150422.box (216MB)

Further testing and feedback is very welcome.

Best regards
jan niggemann

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