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Re: What is to be done?

On 2014-05-11 18:24:43, Anders Ingemann wrote:

> > So if you'd like I'm happy to share this burden with you (or anybody keen to
> do so with me).
> Right! There's the whole issue of packaging! This time around it should be
> rather straightforward since you can just follow the pattern of others that
> have packaged python packages.

Hehe actually you motivated me slightly to so some work on packaging
bootstrap-vz, so I just set up new repo (atm on my laptop) and started working
on new package.

I'll let you know guys when I have somethign to show but if somebody want to
participate don't hesitate and drop me a line.

> I definitely think that the man-page should be part of the repo, so that we may
> keep it updated.

I'll have a look on what I did some time ago and what can be reused and then
try to compile something more appropriate for the 'new' project name.

> I'm also going to submit bootstrap-vz to pypi pretty soon, I don't know if that
> has any bearing on anything?

I don't think it is for packaging effort.

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