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What is to be done?

This is rather different email; I'd like to see some vision
of work (or mission?) in debian-cloud.

After finishing porting GCE to bootstrap-vz I'm trying to decide
what to do next. I do not have main itch to scratch regarding cloud
as I do not deal with cloud on daily basis.

I still want to use cloud to test my GPGPU packages (the main
reason I got interested in debian-cloud) but IIRC
there are still problem with using Debian on cg1.* and g2.*
Is someone looking at it, or should I try to see what is missing?

When looking at code I can see that we are calling apt-get, apt-key,
and so on to deal with installing packages. Would it make more sense
to use python-apt instead, and not parse /etc/apt/sources.list

I'm also thinking about adding few "cloudy" plugins - e.g. sending
SNS notification when image is ready, not requiring providing
AWS key and secret in manifest but using ones on ~/.boto file,
or even adding support to profiles from ~/.boto.

Or - maybe look at documentation?

Basically I'm looking for something to do ;-) The most important
is using cloud to test my packages, but I'm not sure if it's doable
without help from Amazon - or at least knowing why images are not
starting, or having logs similar to ones that we have from GCE
serial console.

Best regards.

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