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Re: (dist)-upgrades

On 05/30/2013 02:39 AM, Wim Bertels wrote:
>> I am the one currently maintaining both XCP and OpenStack. I can
>> guarantee that you will be able to do dist-upgrades of servers running
>> both XCP and OpenStack for the full life cycle of Essex, yes. Probably,
>> it will also happen for XCP, as upstream (eg Citrix) seem to understand
>> the need we have in Debian.
> Hi Thomas,
> this is idd partly the answer i was looking for:
> so to summarize:
> - XCP should be ok to upgrade when jessie becomes stable
> - OpenStack: will depend, another repo might be better, because the
> release cycle nature and upgrade process of openstack

That's more or less what I believe/hope yes.

Also, the Debian PPA thing for OpenStack should also be considered as
very important, and part of the above summary, as it will be the end of
all problems! :)


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