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Re: (dist)-upgrades

On 05/29/2013 02:41 PM, Wim Bertels wrote:
> Hallo,
> as i read on
> http://wiki.debian.org/Cloud
> there 3 main cloud products in the repository,
> does this mean all three will have a (painless:) (dist-)upgrade
> lifecycle (towards future releases of debian)? 
> mvg,
> Wim

Hi Wim,

I am the one currently maintaining both XCP and OpenStack. I can
guarantee that you will be able to do dist-upgrades of servers running
both XCP and OpenStack for the full life cycle of Essex, yes. Probably,
it will also happen for XCP, as upstream (eg Citrix) seem to understand
the need we have in Debian.

Though, for OpenStack, the situation is a little bit more complicated.
Upstream only support the last 2 release of OpenStack for security, and
support only upgrading from one version to the next. There is a new
release every 6 months. This means that if we want to provide a smooth
upgrade from Essex in Wheezy to the "J" release in Jessie, we will have
to do a lot of manual work. At this point, it is hard for me to predict
if there will be enough resources interested to do this work.

However, if you wish to follow the release cycles of OpenStack, and
upgrade your cloud every 6 months, I keep some (non-official) backport
repositories for Wheezy. I am keeping these in good shape. I would
suggest that you use these Wheezy backports repositories for the moment.

The problem for supporting upgrades from Essex to Grizzly directly (for
example) is that even upstream, there isn't enough resources interested
for working on that.

The FTP masters made the announcement that they are working toward
providing some PPA for Debian. When these will be available, it is my
intention to move all OpenStack packages there. Using these PPA, it will
be possible to provide smooth upgrade following the upstream release
cycles directly within the Debian repositories. I am (like many I
suppose) really looking forward this possibility.

I will do my best so that upgrades from Essex to the "J" (name of the
OpenStack release, not related to Debian Jessie) release in Jessie will
be possible and smooth, though it's hard to predict what will happen,
and if it will be doable.

I am very sorry that I couldn't reply with a clear "yes", and that the
answer is a little bit more complicated.

If you have more questions, feel free to join #debian-openstack on the
OFTC IRC network.

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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