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Re: New version of cloud-init & OpenStack cloud image

On 05/29/2013 09:45 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
I'm not sure how it compares to other scripts for building a cloud
image. I didn't have a look into them, as my goal was to make an image
specifically for OpenStack.

I had started on an OpenStack profile for build-debian-cloud, but ran into roadblocks getting the bootloader set up, and then got distracted. Would it make sense, do you think, to integrate some of the features of this script into build-debian-cloud?

If you use this image, you will need to know that the root password is
"password" (that is useful if you use a console, like the SPICE console
of Horizon), though of course, sshd is configured to refuse login as
root with password. There's a "debian" user by default, which is added
with --disable-password, and who will receive the ssh key from the
metadata server. This user has "sudo su -" to root, without any password.

I'm using OpenStack from the grizzly repositories on wheezy, and gave the image a spin. One minor nit: the script doesn't write to the console log (console=ttyS0?). Also, not sure if the networking parameters were meant to be set up via cloud-init; networking worked out of the box, but via DHCP.

Otherwise, the image worked well. My key was set up properly, and the filesystem grew to the appropriate size.

Thanks for providing this! I'm migrating off a hand-hacked virtual system with libvirt, and getting a good working Debian cloud image going was a roadblock.

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