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Re: build-debian-cloud plugin to build instance-store based AMIs

> Currently, the script downloads euca2ools from upstream since there is no version available in backports. It's the way it's also done without my plugin. I just changed it to download a more recent version. python-boto needs to be installed beforehand.

I feel your pain. The script currently patches boto for EBS root
volume deletion on termination because of a bug. And I had to create a
new euca2ools command for the publishing plugin.

> I'm not sure if Anders will want to merge it as is. I also don't know how much time I can spend on this these next days, but I'll do my best to help if I can. Otherwise please feel free to patch my code!

I too am very busy atm, I have another project with a lot of activity
right now (homeshick). Also I am trying to get a python version of the
bootstrapper working, because we are stretching the capabilities of
the tasks/plugin architecture quite a bit right now.
I would be happy to merge your changes into the 'dev' branch right now
and later into the master branch once we have worked out the last few
kinks with the dependencies.

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