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Re: build-debian-cloud plugin to build instance-store based AMIs

On 02.05.13 18:57, James Bromberger wrote:
Hi Christian,

That's awesome!


- It requires euca2ools version 2.x because the commands that handle
image bundles are buggy in version 1.x.
Should this be a dependency on the build-environment, or downloaded by
this script? I think downloaded may be better, as in 2 years time,
stable euca2ools may be too outdated for what we're doing.

I agree with Anders Jackson, it would make more sense for these tools to be a dependency on the build environment, with versions from backports if necessary.

Currently, the script downloads euca2ools from upstream since there is no version available in backports. It's the way it's also done without my plugin. I just changed it to download a more recent version. python-boto needs to be installed beforehand.

- The bundling and image uploading to Amazon S3 requires additional
parameters. Since plugins can't add parameters to the main script, I
used environment variables. It also requires that some key and
certificates be present in files on the system.
Can you please explain. What are the environment variables and their
values you had to set for your instance store plug-in?

These variables are used by euca2ools. My plugin only checks that they are set correctly:
EC2_PRIVATE_KEY: path to a file containing the AWS account's private key
EC2_CERT: path to a file containing the AWS account's certificate
EC2_USER_ID: id of the AWS account
EUCALYPTUS_CERT: path to a file with the AWS cloud certificate (cert-ec2.pem that comes with ec2 ami tools)

S3_BUCKET: name of bucket the AMI gets stored to. This is used by the plugin and is passed to euca2ools on the command line.

Additionally, the S3_URL variable is set by the script based on the region parameter.

I'd love to see this merged back into Anders' codebase.

...My plan this weekend is (after Wheezy launch) to publish Wheezy PVM
EBS images in all regions; Christian, I feel it would be better to
create the Wheezy Instance-Store AMIs in the Debian AMI account (that
AWS is paying for) as the one account that Debian is provisioning these
images from. It is from this account that I/we am/are submitting AMIs to
the AWS Marketplace - and I can see us submitting both PVM EBS and PVM
Instance Store, in both 32 and 64 bit. I'd be keen to see instance-store
plug-in merged by Anders - and then have build-debian-cloud
tagged/branched in preparation for this weekend's frenzy.

Sure, that'd be great! Please let me know if you have any trouble with this plugin.

I'm not sure if Anders will want to merge it as is. I also don't know how much time I can spend on this these next days, but I'll do my best to help if I can. Otherwise please feel free to patch my code!


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