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Re: build-debian-cloud plugin to build instance-store based AMIs

2013/5/2 James Bromberger <james@rcpt.to>:
> Hi Christian,
> That's awesome!

Yes, nice work!

> - It requires euca2ools version 2.x because the commands that handle image
> bundles are buggy in version 1.x.
> Should this be a dependency on the build-environment, or downloaded by this
> script? I think downloaded may be better, as in 2 years time, stable
> euca2ools may be too outdated for what we're doing.

No, I think that should be handled by backport, as that is why we have
it in the first place.  Same for the other dependencies.  Might
document this in README.Debian.gz or something like that though.


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