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Re: build-debian-cloud plugin to build instance-store based AMIs

On 2 May 2013 18:57, James Bromberger <james@rcpt.to> wrote:
Hi Christian,

That's awesome!

- It requires euca2ools version 2.x because the commands that handle image bundles are buggy in version 1.x.
Should this be a dependency on the build-environment, or downloaded by this script? I think downloaded may be better, as in 2 years time, stable euca2ools may be too outdated for what we're doing.

- These euca2ools in turn require python-boto >= 2.2 which is currently available in squeeze-backports (2.3) and will be the default version in Wheezy.
Same here for Wheezy - 2.3 should ship in Wheezy; but again, download in this script from upstream instead of using stable package?

- The bundling and image uploading to Amazon S3 requires additional parameters. Since plugins can't add parameters to the main script, I used environment variables. It also requires that some key and certificates be present in files on the system.
Can you please explain. What are the environment variables and their values you had to set for your instance store plug-in?

- The plugin files is a bit messy. It could actually use a "replace_task" function to clean it up because it does a lot of removing and adding similar tasks.

Of course I welcome any feedback on this code and am very much open to suggestions on how to improve it.
I'd love to see this merged back into Anders' codebase.

...My plan this weekend is (after Wheezy launch) to publish Wheezy PVM EBS images in all regions; Christian, I feel it would be better to create the Wheezy Instance-Store AMIs in the Debian AMI account (that AWS is paying for) as the one account that Debian is provisioning these images from. It is from this account that I/we am/are submitting AMIs to the AWS Marketplace - and I can see us submitting both PVM EBS and PVM Instance Store, in both 32 and 64 bit. I'd be keen to see instance-store plug-in merged by Anders - and then have build-debian-cloud tagged/branched in preparation for this weekend's frenzy.

I suspect it will be Sunday (AWST +0800) by the time we're ready to roll. I'll hang out on #debian-cloud then; it will take a US work-day or two for the AWS Marketplace listing to go through.

I am also currently trying to get access to generate HVM images, which requires:
a) the EBS volume we create our image on to be in (hd0,0) and not (hd0)
b) ..which then requires a different AKI-id for pvgrub because of that partition change (patch already submitted to Anders), and...
c) some additional stuff (not possible with euca2ools) that is unlikely to get merged into our current build script.

I'll hang out on #debian-cloud when I start kicking off PVM EBS AMIs. You'll see I've started to put updates on the Wiki[1], ready for us to fill in.

In the mean time, I'm happy for DDs to use the AWS account to test (use smaller ones; use one at a time per person; turn off your instances when you're finished; contact me for access).

Debian Wheezy AMIs with instance-store root device
(built May 1st 2013)

us-east-1 (N. Virginia)
amd64: ami-a9cba9c0
i386 ami-25cba94c

us-west-1 (N. California)
amd64: ami-3f57787a
i386: ami-23577866
us-west-2 (Oregon)
amd64: ami-eff462df
i386: ami-f3f462c3

eu-west-1 (Ireland)
amd64: ami-698c9b1d
i386: ami-df8c9bab

ap-southeast-1 (Singapore)
amd64: ami-349ed166
i386: ami-669ed134
ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo)
amd64: ami-1b6ce01a
i386: ami-eb53dfea

ap-southeast-2 (Sydney)
amd64: ami-7d44d447
i386: ami-2f44d415

sa-east-1 (Sao Paolo)
amd64: ami-723ae06f
i386: ami-423ae05f

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Cloud/AmazonEC2Image/Wheezy

Mobile: +61 422 166 708, Email: james_AT_rcpt.to

I think this warrants a dev branch until everything is up and running, what do you say?

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