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Re: Please let's not talk about "clouds"

    If the user isn't happy with the SaaS provider which did some bad
    things with what was hosted, then if the SaaS is free software,
    the user would have the choice to either set it up by himself on one
    of his own servers, or go to see another provider which provides the
    same service running the same software or SaaS stack.

Using "another provider" is going from SaaSS to SaaSS, so it doesn't
do anything about the SaaSS problem.  The only way to avoid that
problem is to set up your own server.  That's what you should do on
day 1.

Whoever released these programs as free software did something useful.
It enables you to run them on your own computer.
Releasing useful free software is generally a good thing.

That's independent of the way using SaaSS is bad.

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