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Re: Please let's not talk about "clouds"

    > One point that I think that is important to make, is that points of view
    > diverge on the question of "software as a service", and that the answer is
    > external to the foundation principles of Debian.
    I think it is important to remember that you can host your
    own SaaS platform, based 100% on free software, and
    that in such case, we aren't against it.

If you host the platform and use it, that isn't SaaS.
That is using your own computer.

SaaS means letting your computing be done in someone else's
computer, by software chosen by him.

    The problem is not the cloud, but how you use it.

Indeed, "cloud" conceals the crucial distinctions -- so let's STOP
USING that term!  Let's identify the different usage scenarios for the
Internet, and look at the issues which each one raises.

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