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RE: What is the most convenient way to accept the terms of use of the AWS Marketplace ?

Hello all,

I've spoken to the Marketplace team and confirmed that for the AMIs in the marketplace, Ts and Cs cannot be accepted via the command line. This is because the EULA - in our case, the Debian Social Contract, is required (by the marketplace team) to be displayed to the customer when they accept the $0 'purchase'.

I've updated (and answered) the FAQ accordingly.


James Bromberger | Solution Architect | Amazon Web Services

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Subject: What is the most convenient way to accept the terms of use of the AWS Marketplace ?

Hello everybody,

I added an unanswered question in the AWS FAQ:

  Q: How can I accept AWS Marketplace terms ?
  Attempts to run an official Debian AMI from a naive account return error
  messages such as the following.
    OptInRequired: In order to use this AWS Marketplace product you need to accept
    terms and subscribe. To do so please visit
  What is to procedure to accept AWS Marketplace terms ? Can it be done from
  the command line ? 


For the moment, what I did was the following:

 - Log in the AWS website.
 - Follow the link in the error message, which leads to Debian's AMI page (64 bits).
 - Click on "Continue"
 - Select a micro instance.
 - Click on "Accept terms and launch with 1-click".

After this, I could start other instances from the command line.

Is there a easier procedure ?


Charles Plessy
Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France

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