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What is the most convenient way to accept the terms of use of the AWS Marketplace ?

Hello everybody,

I added an unanswered question in the AWS FAQ:

  Q: How can I accept AWS Marketplace terms ?
  Attempts to run an official Debian AMI from a naive account return error
  messages such as the following.
    OptInRequired: In order to use this AWS Marketplace product you need to accept
    terms and subscribe. To do so please visit
  What is to procedure to accept AWS Marketplace terms ? Can it be done from
  the command line ? 


For the moment, what I did was the following:

 - Log in the AWS website.
 - Follow the link in the error message, which leads to Debian's AMI page (64 bits).
 - Click on "Continue"
 - Select a micro instance.
 - Click on "Accept terms and launch with 1-click".

After this, I could start other instances from the command line.

Is there a easier procedure ?


Charles Plessy
Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France

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