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Bug#918917: Please add Firefox to the favorites

Op 05-12-2020 om 14:01 schreef Fabio Fantoni:

About gnome-terminal is still present in menu and favorites after
upgrade to 4.8, I'll try to check also in clean install (probably in
next days).

Tried clean install from tasksel and install xterm instead
gnome-terminal, after install gnome-terminal is still showed in menu and
favorites so gnome-terminal can be maintained as default but must found
a way to install it instead of xterm. From a fast search I not found why
and where install it. @Norbert: any idea?

Not sure how you are testing, but I don't see gnome-terminal in the menu. And I think that's normal because of:
in the .desktop file.

This is a Debian patch:

With regards,

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer Groningen

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