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Bug#918917: Please add Firefox to the favorites

Il 05/12/2020 14:07, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
Tried clean install from tasksel and install xterm instead
gnome-terminal, after install gnome-terminal is still showed in menu and
Ok, so that debunkes the claim that it is *not* shown in the Cinnamon

favorites so gnome-terminal can be maintained as default but must found
a way to install it instead of xterm. From a fast search I not found why
and where install it. @Norbert: any idea?
What do you mean?

As far as I can see, gnome-terminal should be automatically installed.
task-cinnamon-desktop depends on cinnamon-desktop-environment
cinnamon-desktop-environment depends on
	gnome-terminal | x-terminal-emulator
So by default, gnome-terminal should be installed ...

I really don't see why this shouldn't suffice, and why it didn't show up
in Paul's setup?

I also thinked was ok but test confimed that after cinnamon install from tasksel xterm is installed and gnome-terminal not, I suppose something install xterm before and when arrives to  "gnome-terminal | x-terminal-emulator" is already satisfied with xterm (that provides x-terminal-emulator)

I checked for example gnome task where gnome-terminal is installed and gnome-terminal is dep without alternative in gnome-core.

Possible workaround probably is put gnome-terminal as recommends in cinnamon-core (that should install it and also make possibile remove it without remove the meta package. I don't know anything better at the moment.



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