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Bug#918917: Please add Firefox to the favorites

Il 04/12/2020 11:15, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
> I'm definitely for Atril and mate-terminal, G3 stuff is just too anti-user for me. All functionality hidden in a way that you have to search for it again and again (embedded fonts? Print? ...)

I added firefox-esr in favorites (in git).

About gnome-terminal is still present in menu and favorites after
upgrade to 4.8, I'll try to check also in clean install (probably in
next days).

About Atril I did a fast try and is better as interface (simpler/more
intuitive), I also did a fast search and as I feared it does not seem to
have a significant development, not even as a porting of patches from
evince, significant bugfixes present in evince for years, reported in
atril but not backported; and also significant features added in evince
and not present in atril (for example
https://github.com/mate-desktop/atril/issues/254). It doesn't seem
optimal to me neither one nor the other :(

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