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Re: Release announcement simplified Chinese translation update

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 09:44:58PM +0800, Arne Goetje wrote:
> Deng Xiyue wrote:
> > If all Chinese translation are by default converted to BIG5 then it is
> > problematic.  Simplified Chinese, as used in zh_CN locales, are supposed
> > to be converted to GB* encodings (GB2312, GBK, and GB18030, where
> > GB18030 is the current standard encoding); whereas Traditional Chinese,
> > as used in zh_TW, zh_HK, zh_SG or other traditional chinese locales, are
> > supposed to be converted to BIG5 encodings.  Maybe the .wmlrc needs
> > update.
> > 
> > Moreover, the garbled characters around "vendors" link still remains in
> > zh_CN, however doesn't show up in zh_TW.  CCing simplified Chinese list
> > for further insights.
> IMHO the conversion to GB2312 and Big5 is no longer necessary as all
> modern systems can use UTF-8 quite well. Whether the release notes for
> zh_CN, zh_HK and zh_TW can be converged, I don't know. I can imagine
> that the vocabulary used in those regions may differ.
> Also, if you convert from simplified into traditional Chinese by script,
> make sure that someone proofreads the outcome before releasing it.
> zh_SG uses simplified Chinese btw, but the vocabulary may differ from zh_CN.

We already appear to use a single source version for all three Chinese
translations: Big5.  Whether it's possible to change to UTF-8 is for
someone more familiar with Chinese to say.  It's not sufficient to
just switch the encoding of this file, though:

 $ make
 cd . && wml -q -D CUR_YEAR=2009 -o UNDEFuZH@uCNuCNHKuCNTW:20090214.zh-cn.html.tmp@g+w -o UNDEFuZH@uHKuCNHKuHKTW:20090214.zh-hk.html.tmp@g+w -o UNDEFuZH@uTWuCNTWuHKTW:20090214.zh-tw.html.tmp@g+w --prolog=../../bin/fix_big5.pl  20090214.wml
  * Converting: [zh_CN.GB2312], /usr/bin/iconv: illegal input sequence at position 233
 make: *** [20090214.zh-cn.html] Error 1

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