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Re: Release announcement simplified Chinese translation update

Deng Xiyue wrote:
> If all Chinese translation are by default converted to BIG5 then it is
> problematic.  Simplified Chinese, as used in zh_CN locales, are supposed
> to be converted to GB* encodings (GB2312, GBK, and GB18030, where
> GB18030 is the current standard encoding); whereas Traditional Chinese,
> as used in zh_TW, zh_HK, zh_SG or other traditional chinese locales, are
> supposed to be converted to BIG5 encodings.  Maybe the .wmlrc needs
> update.
> Moreover, the garbled characters around "vendors" link still remains in
> zh_CN, however doesn't show up in zh_TW.  CCing simplified Chinese list
> for further insights.

IMHO the conversion to GB2312 and Big5 is no longer necessary as all
modern systems can use UTF-8 quite well. Whether the release notes for
zh_CN, zh_HK and zh_TW can be converged, I don't know. I can imagine
that the vocabulary used in those regions may differ.
Also, if you convert from simplified into traditional Chinese by script,
make sure that someone proofreads the outcome before releasing it.
zh_SG uses simplified Chinese btw, but the vocabulary may differ from zh_CN.

Just my 2 NT$.

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