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"The Universal Operating System" 的翻译

对于 Debian 首页的标题 "The Universal Operating System",一直延用了港台地区 DD
的翻译结果 "环球作业系统"[1],如果直译成简体中文,那就是 "环球操作系统"。

在这里,我引用了 Debian FAQ 1.5节[2] 的描述:

>The Universal Operating System:
>    Debian comes with more than 18200 packages and runs on 11 architectures.
>    This is far more than is available for any other GNU/Linux distribution.
>    See What types of applications and development software are available for
>    Debian GNU/Linux?, Section 5.1 for an overview of the provided software
>    and see On what hardware architectures/systems does Debian GNU/Linux run?,
>    Section 4.1 for a description of the supported hardware platforms.

前两句的大概意思是想说 Debian 有很多软件包,支持很多硬件架构,比其它任何的
GNU/Linux 发行版都要多。由此我觉得用 "通用" 这个词来翻译 Universal 更加贴切。
译成 "通用操作系统",不知道各位有和意见?

[1]: http://www.bg.debian.org/
[2]: http://www.debian.org/doc/FAQ/


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