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Re: release-notes.zh_CN


From: Ming Hua <minghua@rice.edu>

> > From: Ming Hua <minghua@rice.edu>
> > 
> Given that different projects are led by different people, and there
> seems to be no official typesetting or layout setting for simplified
> Chinese, this is not surprising.
> > I'm convinced that the angle from which we should make up such
> > typesetting rules should be from a LaTeX perspective.  It is after all
> > the engine which finally produces the PDF documents.  The (X)HTML
> > language is still too much in its infancy in order to distill
> > typographical rules from it.
> > 
> > I have a few suggestions.
> [specific LaTeX typesetting suggestions]
> For the case in point, Debian release notes is written in Debian SGML,
> and both the HTML and LaTeX are auto-generated.  So I suppose using the
> specific LaTeX CJK typesetting syntax is not really practical here.

LaTeX output is indeed auto-generated, but I think SGML is flexible
enough to allow CJK breakable spaces.  Don't we just have to create
new entities?  My way of thinking is this: LaTeX produces the most
sophisticated but also the most technically challenging output.  If
SGML can manage to handle CJK LaTeX, then the other formats should be
easy to convert to.

I think the only problem is that no one has ever done this before:
thinking about how to produce CJK LaTeX documents with SGML.





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