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Re: release-notes.zh_CN

From: "Hero_xbd!.RRR" <heroxbd@163.com>

> Danai SAE-HAN (韓達耐) wrote:
> > Indeed there's a problem with DebianDoc and zh_CN.  zh_TW has been
> > fixed already, zh_CN will soon follow, as well as ja_JP.
> >   
> Oh? Then zh_CN.utf8 well be available in debiandoc? Good.

Yep.  I hope to work on this during the Christmas holidays, or if
that's not possible, at the beginning of February after my exams.

> > If you have found a bug, could you please report it to
> > bugs.debian.org?  I don't always read the Chinese-GB mailing list, so
> > I could've just missed your post.  And it makes it easier for us,
> > maintainers, to manage these reports.
> >   
> I can't make sure that it is a bug. I don't know much about the 
> internals of latex. Maybe you can use my po file to reproduce the error.

I would need the SGML file in order to create the LaTeX file with
debiandoc.  I don't have any PO conversion tools.





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