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Re: release-notes.zh_CN

Danai SAE-HAN (韓達耐) wrote:
Indeed there's a problem with DebianDoc and zh_CN.  zh_TW has been
fixed already, zh_CN will soon follow, as well as ja_JP.
Oh? Then zh_CN.utf8 well be available in debiandoc? Good.

If you have found a bug, could you please report it to
bugs.debian.org?  I don't always read the Chinese-GB mailing list, so
I could've just missed your post.  And it makes it easier for us,
maintainers, to manage these reports.
I can't make sure that it is a bug. I don't know much about the internals of latex. Maybe you can use my po file to reproduce the error.
The packages "debiandoc-sgml" and "debian-reference" have a few
updates in the CVS, and an updated version will be released soon.  To
solve the zh_CN issue in the meantime, edit
"/usr/share/perl5/DebianDoc_SGML/Locale/zh_CN.GB2312/LaTeX" as root,
and make sure it looks something like this:

  'before begin document' => '\\usepackage{CJK}',
  'after begin document' => '\\begin{CJK}{GB}{gkai}',

The font packages "gkai" and "gbsn" only have virtual fonts to be used
with GB2312.  If you want, I can send you the files I've created for
GBK (about half a megabyte of space).  I hope to have some time this
week to rebuild and upload a new version of the
latex-cjk-chinese-arphic package which will add support for the C19
(=GBK) encoding for the Arphic "gkai" and "gbsn" fonts.

CJK4.7.0 has superior UTF-8 support, and on Debian it should work
without problems if you have latex-cjk-chinese-arphic-* installed as

I agree: GB2312, GBK and GB18030 are silly encodings and difficult
(because of backward compatibility the glyphs aren't put in nice big
blocks but scattered all around).

I hope to soon convert all the zh_* and ja files to UTF-8, but I've
also got exams up ahead so don't hold your breath.


Fundamental Science of Mathematics and Physics,
Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R.China


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