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Re: release-notes.zh_CN



and refer to the readme on cvs if needed:

Release Notes

The Release Notes contain important information for new users and for an update
from the previous version of Debian. It is written in SGML which allows the
creation of various output files in the formats HTML, text, PostScript, PDF, ...

To build it you need the package debiandoc-sgml and (dependent on the output
format and language) suggested and recommended packages of it. For PO file based
translations you also need po4a. and of course make, ...

Just call "make" to build it. It works also from a language directory but you
need to add the architecture for which you want to create the document on the
command line, e.g.: "make architecture=i386".


The document is available in many languages. There are two ways for
translations: SGML based or PO based. Each format has it own advantages
and disadvantages. If in doubt select the PO file based method for a
new translation.

Both methods require that you create a subdirectory for your language.
Copy en/Makefile into it.

To add a new PO file based translation, change into the new directory and call
"make update-po" to create a new PO template file which you need to translate.

ATTENTION: Once you have a PO file (even an empty one), the make system assumes
that the translation is PO file based and may overwrite an existing SGML file!

An SGML file based translation requires you to copy en/release-notes.en.sgml
into your directory. Rename it according to your language (release-notes.XX.sgml)
and translate the content of this file. Do not touch all SGML command which
are embedded in "<" and ">", e.g. <var> and translate only the English text.
It is important to save the revision of the English template file in your file
to simplify later updates. If the English file contains in the header
<!entity docid "$Id: Readme,v 1.2 2006/10/29 15:59:07 robster Exp $">
you should add something like this:
<!-- Translation based on English version -->

It is suggested that you now try to create the document for at least one
architecture. This will detect possible syntax errors in your file.

Send your translation for inclusion to the public mailing list
Debian-doc@lists.debian.org. To avoid too many large mails on the list or
public postings you can also send your translation in a private mail to Frans
Pop <elendil@planet.nl> or Jens Seidel <jensseidel@users.sf.net>. If both do
not respond please send it to the mailing list.


Fundamental Science of Mathematics and Physics,
Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R.China


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