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Re: PinYin Standard

Thanks for you input again :) If I can find all those Dialog pronouncation
and combination... I will try to put it into a single system ( if too 
big may
be a database application ) to provide a Multi-Language Pronouncation
tool kit.
The hardest part I think it will be where to find that database/dictionary.
May be I can write a proposial to Chinese,HongKong, etc government to
fund us to build such Dictionary to standardize and allow foreigner to
learn to speak their language.

>AFAIK there is no database which contains all chinese chars... they are too 
>many and mostly not used at all. big5 and gb2312 contain the most common 
>ones and for daily life it's sufficient. Cantonese should only be availible 
>on the HKSCS extensions in the Unihan database, although they also use big5 
>and nowadays gb chars but have different pronounciation for them. 
>you also should keep in mind that the tone (1-5 for mandarin) sometimes 
>varies on the same character in relation to the character in front and 
>behind of it.
>and if you wnat to include minority dialects and laguages, too, what about 
>taiwanese, hakka, etc. ?
>If you want to do that you really need a real dictionary.
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