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Re: PinYin Standard

>erm, do you mean that sometimes the same char has different pronounciations? 
>Or what? you can of course use the xcin input table as a database, because 
>every chinese char has the pinyin writing in this table. if you want to 
>differ between certain situations when you have to use which 
>pronounciation, then of course you should look on the following chars and 
>have a little dictionary included that decides which pronounciation to use.
>I think a simple perl script should fit your needs in this case.
$>wc pinyin.cin -->  20976   41951  217690 pinyin.cin

Here is the wc on pinyin.cin I thinkI can first base on this to build a 
20976 line include multiple chars input...  so total singal char to 
pinyin don't
really map all the gbk. Also the standard pronouncation of the word 
should include
the tone 1-6 for cantonese 1-4 for mandarin...

in this file you get more detail how it should look like....
in pinyin.cin... may not be enought for my use... of course better then
nothing :)
Thanks alot of your input


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