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Re: PinYin Standard

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> Here is the wc on pinyin.cin I thinkI can first base on this to build a
> prototype.
> 20976 line include multiple chars input...  so total singal char to
> pinyin don't
> really map all the gbk. Also the standard pronouncation of the word
> should include
> the tone 1-6 for cantonese 1-4 for mandarin...
> ftp://ftp.unicode.org/Public/UNIDATA/Unihan.txt
> in this file you get more detail how it should look like....
> in pinyin.cin... may not be enought for my use... of course better then
> nothing :)
> Thanks alot of your input

AFAIK there is no database which contains all chinese chars... they are too 
many and mostly not used at all. big5 and gb2312 contain the most common 
ones and for daily life it's sufficient. Cantonese should only be availible 
on the HKSCS extensions in the Unihan database, although they also use big5 
and nowadays gb chars but have different pronounciation for them. 

you also should keep in mind that the tone (1-5 for mandarin) sometimes 
varies on the same character in relation to the character in front and 
behind of it.

and if you wnat to include minority dialects and laguages, too, what about 
taiwanese, hakka, etc. ?

If you want to do that you really need a real dictionary.
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