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Re: printing chinese in mozilla

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 02:04:05PM +0800, Zou Min wrote:
> bug report sent. ;)

And bug report closed.  :-)  (I just realized where the bug report came from
after reading your discussion here.) The font name is correct, if we agree
that the PostScript fontname provided by gbsn00lp.ttf is correct.  This is
how Arphic name their GB fonts:

$ ftdump1  /usr/share/fonts/truetype/arphic/gbsn00lp.ttf 
font name table entries

AR PL SungtiL GB - Version 2.11

PostScript name: BousungEG-Light-GB

(c) Copyright 1994-1999, Arphic Technology Co., Ltd.

Arphic is a registered trademaker of the Arphic Technology Co., Ltd.

So, in /usr/lib/mozilla/default/prefs/unix.js, please use


I know it looks weird, but it is correct.  :-)



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