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Re: console出了问题后A非要重_屏幕~能显示

ha shao wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 09:42:21PM +0800, Rex Tsai wrote:
>>    这个工具来自于 svgalib, 修改于 Josh Vanderhoof's lrmi-0.5 package.
>>    已经编译成 statically linked, 欢迎下载使用.
>>    http://kalug.linux.org.tw/~chihchun/debian/g11n/lrmi
> Source?

    apt-get install svgalib-bin
    apt-get source svgalib-bin

    我的执行档是给 jmcce 与其他 distribution 的朋友 :-)
-Rex, geek by nature linux by choice

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