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Re: printing chinese in mozilla

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 12:53:38PM +0800, Zou Min wrote:
> Phew! I made a silly mistake: 
> "gs mozila.ps" complains that the font is not found, because it should
> "BousungEG-Light-GB-GB-EUC-H" instead of "BousungEG-Light-GB-EUC-H"

Oh, that remind me. This is a bug in Arphic GB song font pacakge.
The hint for ps name should actually be BousungEG-Light, not
BousungEG-Light-GB. If the correct ps name is give, we will get
BousungEG-Light-GB-EUC-H, this one is actually the correct one. :)

Please fill a bug report against the font package.

Hint file in /etc/defoma/hints/ and
BousungEG-Light-GB-EUC-H is the correct one, BousungEG-Light-GB-GB-EUC-H
is not. I have that fixed in my system so I did not see the problem.

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