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Re: 求助! 关_语音聊天 behind NAT

Special socket program like anything started with "Microsoft" may need a
module e.g H323
for the kernel in order to to work. I'm not sure why H.323 module didn't
work (need debug)
but 2.4 iptable look a lot cleaner and less security issue (2.2-20 is
the current
stable kernel for ip masq ) I don't use microsoft product dont' know
what to suggest you
to use. But port forwarding should be the same as your masquerading
script instead of
just putting ip you put ip:port number

Good Luck

Zou Min wrote:

>我们用的是一个内部网络通过IP Masquerade共享一个IP上网的.
>MSN Messenger 4.6, p2p voice chat.
>Microsoft Netmeeting 3.01
>V2 Communicator (from www.v2tech.com)
>都有问题. 前两个都是不能联机, 而V2 Communicator可以互相联上, 但是只能说话
>给对方, 但是听不见对方的语音.
>至于Netmeeting, 我试过这个意大利人写的 H.323 module.
>我们的IP Masq Server用的是Linux kernel-2.2.19, with ipchains-1.3.10-15.
>("rc.firewall"基本上是照搬Linux IP Masquerade HOWTO上的)
>如果你们有任何一个聊天软件的成功经验的话, 不妨交流一下.
>如果我要自己设定port forwarding rules的话, 应该怎样设? 对于任何一个聊天软件,
>比如, V2 Communicator, 我应该怎样去找哪些port我需要forward?
>也许, post在这里有点off-topic, 但是我找了很多地方, 都没有好的解决办法.

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