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Re: Question about /etc/fstab

gid and uid is to identifly what the "root" of the mount point belonged
to... for example.
mount /dev/hda7 /mnt/rootofvar -o gid=502,uid=502
when you ls your /mnt directory will like this
drwxr-xr-x 1 502 502 (linksize) (date) /mnt/rootofvar
something like that.
when your the 4'th option in fstab is the -o option in command line...
read man page for detail.
who can mount or not is base of -o user not -o uid, if you put defaults
in the 4'th it will
auto mount on boot up. man page should solve most of your problem here
(I think).
Good Luck

wen@japan.email.ne.jp wrote:

>wzl> gid是group id的简写,还有uid(user id),看一下/etc/passwd和/etc/group就明白
>wzl> 了,能不能给上更详细的出错信息?
>我看过/etc/passwd,里面没有一个gid是502的. 在/etc/fstab中
>/dev/hda7 /var  ext2 exec,dev,suid,rw,gid=502 1 2 
>设定gid=502是什么意思呢? 只有属于502 group的用户才能mount /dev/hda7吗?
>mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblockon /dev/hda7, or too many mounted file systems 

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