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Re: KDE 3.0 and released languages

Am Montag, 25. M□z 2002 06:44 schrieb Jouston Huang:
> Dear Anthony & Thomas,
> This Jouston, Kdesktop.po's zh_TW translator.
> I'm sorry that I postponded Kdesktop.po. Actually I don't know the
> schedule of KDE3's release so that I didn't notice the translation
> process.
> Please kindly mail me if new message comes. Give me a chance to make it
> better.

You can always find the release schedule at http://developer.kde.org/. 
The one for 3.0 is at 
Apart from that, people responsible for translation must be subscribed to 
the kde-i18n-doc mailing list (and actually read the mails from there). As 
for how to handle translations and getting to know about strings to 
translate please have a look around at http://i18n.kde.org/, esp. the stats 
there and the Translation HOWTO.

We have something like 60+ translation teams at the moment, and we are 
getting more and more of them. This is great and very important for KDE and 
free software. But please understand that we can't mail them individually 
for everything. You have to get yourself organized and to work as much on 
your own as possible.



KDE translation: http://i18n.kde.org/
Deutsche KDE-Uebersetzung: http://i18n.kde.org/teams/de/

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