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Re: KDE 3.0 and released languages

On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 01:44:32PM +0800, Jouston Huang wrote:
> Dear Anthony & Thomas,
> This Jouston, Kdesktop.po's zh_TW translator.
> I'm sorry that I postponded Kdesktop.po. Actually I don't know the
> schedule of KDE3's release so that I didn't notice the translation
> process.
> Please kindly mail me if new message comes. Give me a chance to make it
> better.

Hehe, I kind of missed it too, and I was planning to get involved _after_
the KDE 3.0 release (so that I can actually see the result immediately.)
:-)  And compared to other *.po, it is quite small, so it was relatively
easy for me to go in and fix the fuzzy entries, especially with help from
the zh_CN translation.  ;-)

But yeah, I guess we all do need to monitor the KDE lists more often.  Also,
better coordination is desired.  We can learn from Wang Jian's zh_CN
translation project.  It has grown to be much more and much better than I
have ever imagined.  :-)  I wonder if we can borrow the PHP code on his site
to get a similar site set up for traditional Chinese.  And then we need to
gather the community to get them involved.  :-)



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