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Re: Debian安装问题

On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 09:39:19AM -0400, chc@bnl.gov wrote:
> 我还是不太明白你的意思,因为我已经试了几次。配置运行gpm,它会link /dev/mouse
> 到/dev/gpmdata,在console下是没有问题的,但是一启动X,鼠标工作是不正常的,总
> 是乱蹦。如果手工ln -s /dev/psaux /dev/mouse,并运行了gpm,刚开始在console
> 下,鼠标工作没有问题。但是在X下鼠标工作不正常,再退出X在console下鼠标工作也
> 不正常了。
> 我的鼠标是Microsoft Intelligent PS/2 Mouse。

Several other people already mentioned how you should do.
For X, in your Xconfigure file, you should have the mouse session as:

Section "Pointer"
    Protocol    "IMPS/2"
    Device      "/dev/gpmdata"

and in your /etc/gpm.conf like:

Normally, you don't edit /etc/gpm.conf. You can use 'gpmconfig' to
configure gpm interactively. It is easier.
repeat_type means gpm will repeat mouse movement to /dev/gpmdata and
X can read from there. raw means don't translate protocol of the repeated
mouse events. Now, both console and X can work with mouse happily.

> > > 2,X Window Manager。默认的好像是GNUStep WindowsMaker,我在.xinitrc中添
> 加
> > > gnome-session来启动Gnome,结果发现所有运行程序开的窗口都没有Title bar,
> 就是
> > > 说无法用鼠标来拖动,如何才能设置好呢?
> >
> > You have to also start a window manager (window maker or icewm...)
> > gnome-session don't manage window. It is window managers' job.
> 我查看了一下文档,试了几次,还是不行。如果我想启动wmaker和gnome-session, 如
> 何配置.xinitrc或者.xsession呢?多谢
I don't use gnome myself but you can read /usr/doc/gnome-session/README.Debian.
basically, at the end of your .xinitrc, you just
/usr/bin/wmaker &
exec /usr/bin/gnome-session

You should pay attention on the '&' at the end of window manager. It has to
be started in the background. Others are just details.

Best regard

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