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Re: Debian安装问题

On Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 05:07:09PM -0400, chc@bnl.gov wrote:
> Hi, Su Yong:
> 1,鼠标配置。安装后console下没有鼠标,我必须手工:ln -s /dev/psaux
> /dev/mouse才能在X下使用鼠标。如果安装gpm来使用console下的鼠标,它就和X下的鼠
> 标有冲突,请问如何解决这个矛盾?

No, under X, you have to set mouse device to /dev/gpmdata and start gpm
under console. gpm will relay mouse events to X server. 'man gpm'. gpm 
can be configured by 'gpmconfig'.

The first part is an linux FAQ, not Debian specific. Maybe other 
distributions set it for users by default. I thought Debian do it
too. Who knows...

> 2,X Window Manager。默认的好像是GNUStep WindowsMaker,我在.xinitrc中添加
> gnome-session来启动Gnome,结果发现所有运行程序开的窗口都没有Title bar,就是
> 说无法用鼠标来拖动,如何才能设置好呢?

You have to also start a window manager (window maker or icewm...) 
gnome-session don't manage window. It is window managers' job.

> 3,我想安装kde,但是在woody的update中没有发现kde,很奇怪,难道kde一直都放在
> sid下面吗?

Don't know this. Maybe http://kde.tdyc.com will give you more information.

And read /usr/share/doc/debian-policy if you have time. It has some
useful information about Debian.

Do we have a Debian FAQ somewhere? not the Chinese FAQ.

Best regard

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